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How to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

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How to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

  1. Love yourself.
  2. Exude confidence. 
  3. Develop a good sense of humour. 
  4. Be mysterious.
  5. Play hard to get.
  6. Always leave them wanting more. 
  7. Pay her a compliment. 
  8. Hang out alone. 
  9. Test the water by starting to throw out low-level “bait” i.e. subtle jokes that hint at sexual interest.
  10. Time to break the touch barrier! 
  11. When alone, perhaps tease her slightly (nothing offensive!) encouraging a fun physical reaction, to which you can then start play wrestling or tickling.
  12. Seal the deal.


The Game is the gospel for men wishing to pick up women. It is THE original mass marketed text and sings home many unspoken truisms. Use with caution, care, and sensitivity towards women’s feelings.
“The Game” by Neil Strauss

How to Make Any Girl Want to Kiss You

Knowing how to make any girl want to kiss you is an absolute blessing of a gift. Rather than you having to make all the effort, you can set the premise for her to want to kiss you so much that the final move is an easy one.

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1- Love yourself. Start by assessing your image. Are you ‘well kept’? Are you overly niching possible partners due to adopting a particular style that may be unattractive to certain groups of women? Do you smell good? Are your clothes ironed? Are you in shape? Are your lips well moisturised and not littered with dry skin? Have you brushed your teeth?! Although correctly answering to all of these questions will make you more attractive to females, having made an effort towards this end will also naturally fill you with more confidence- something that is key to attraction.

2- Exude confidence. Whether you are naturally confident or not is irrelevant. Acting confidently is just that- acting! Confident people are much more likeable and easy to get on with. Smile, be forward and open with your body language, and take the initiative. 

3- Develop a good sense of humour. Having a good sense of humour doesn’t necessarily mean being the person who has to crack all the jokes all of the time. You don’t have to be a comedian as this is a skill that takes years to develop. Instead, take a light hearted view on things, don’t be too serious (but don’t be a clown either), don’t take everything that is said to heart, and think twice before negatively reacting to something or someone. Be playful and fun. Adopt a frame of mind where you see the positive in everything and a good sense of humour will naturally develop.

4- Be mysterious. Being slightly mysterious in the initial stages of courtship can go a long way further down the line. Be elusive and allow her to do most of the talking. Saying this however, don’t be weird about it!

5- Play hard to get. Although I may be skipping a few steps here, it’s important to note that the difference between getting a girl to want you is about tugging on the right psychological strings. Want is born out of desire to have what you cannot. Playing hard to get will make you the focal point of her conscious existence!

6- Always leave them wanting more. Be the first to exit a conversation (be it live or text), before conversation starts to dry up, but be sure to suggest communication at a later date. Before exiting a conversation, suggest that you had a good time conversing with them.

7- Pay her a compliment. Paying a compliment may help you to stay out of the friend zone. Something fairly simple and not too intrusive such as eyes, hair, lips or smile, are reasonably safe things to compliment on. Deliver the compliment in a softer, lower tone than usual and it will be better received.

8- Hang out alone. Make up an excuse as to why you two should hang out alone. Something light, fun and playful, preferably nothing static (such as studying together), as this will make ‘moving in’ a little less natural.

9- Test the water by starting to throw out low-level “bait” i.e. subtle jokes that hint at sexual interest. A good baiting statement should be un-intrusive, playful, and fairly ambiguous. She will hopefully reciprocate with the same kind of “Baiting” so pay attention to what she says! Make it clear through a cheeky smile (or similar) that you have understood any subtle messages of this type that she/he may have sent you. Wait for her to continue conversation.

10- Time to break the touch barrier! Hold out your elbow when walking down the street but don’t make a big deal of it! Holding out your elbow is an unobtrusive way of encouraging contact however should the gesture be missed or ignored, it’s very easy to continue walking and to act like nothing has happened. When she becomes comfortable with this, a hand on the lower back is the next step.

11- When alone, perhaps tease her slightly (nothing offensive!) encouraging a fun physical reaction, to which you can then start play wrestling or tickling. Do this getting closer and closer in laughter until you’re face to face, ease off the laughter and let her soak in the situation, staring into her eyes. 

12- Seal the deal. She should now very much want to kiss you. See ‘how to kiss


Be aware of your social setting. Some people are uncomfortable with overt displays of public affection. If unsure or kissing for this new person for the first time, initiate the kiss in a reasonably private setting. Similarly, some outsiders looking in may also not be comfortable seeing two people sucking on each other’s faces, be respectful of this.


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